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    Following the concept of green environmental protection and high quality production, Zundao has introduced several world-class fully automated production equipment and established a one-stop service platform for catering packaging materials production, warehousing and distribution. It is committed to becoming an internationally renowned catering supply chain enterprise."Martial arts in the world, only fast is not broken," follow the road as efficient and efficient indicators. The company has a high-tech elite team that responds quickly and moves quickly to provide customers with professional technical solutions.ZODO adhering to the business philosophy of “creating value for customers and contributing to the society” has won the recognition and trust of many customers, and has become a leader in the light food and beverage packaging industry. For two consecutive years, the company has been awarded the “Outstanding Partner” and “Outstanding Supplier” by the Pindao Catering Group. Currently, it is the only designated packaging material supplier for the company, and it is conne…......

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